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Friends enjoying the Samphire

The only itinerary you need for your Rottnest Island getaway

Planning your next getaway to Rottnest Island and seeking an experience you won’t forget?

Look no further – we’ve curated the perfect guide to help you make the most of your island adventure. From peaceful morning strolls to culinary delights, Samphire serves as the perfect base for discovering the island’s wonders.

7:00 AM | Embrace the dawn with a beachside stroll (and don’t forget to say hi to the quokkas!)

Rottnest Island’s beauty truly comes to life during sunrise. Take an invigorating beach walk and enjoy the stunning hues of dawn. And don’t forget to say hello to the island’s famous inhabitants – the quokkas. You might just be able to capture a quokka selfie!

8:00 AM | Start your day with a continental breakfast at Lontara

Enjoy a continental breakfast at Lontara, our restaurant that’s just a quick trip down from your room. We offer an inclusive package for a continental breakfast for two, which will ensure a seamless and delightful rise each morning.

Enjoy a self-serve buffet of fresh seasonal fruits, homemade granola and muesli, and flaky pastries accompanied with locally-sourced honey and jams. Complete the experience with a cup of hot coffee or a fragrant pot of leafy tea.

10:00 AM | Indulge in relaxation at the Samphire Sanctuary

From our classic getaway massage to invigorating deep tissue treatments, our massage and spa offerings are designed to harmonise your body and soul. Recharge and unwind within the comfort of your own guest room. From 20-minute sessions to 2-hour escapes, each appointment also includes a thoughtful initial consultation with your skilled massage therapist.

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12:00 PM | Enjoy lunch with a view at Lontara

Delight in a delicious lunch at Lontara with ocean views as your backdrop. Indulge in South-East Asian inspired dishes, such as Crystal Bay prawn dumplings, chicken satay skewers, and miso-glazed swordfish. Craving a curry? Indulge in the lamb-shank red Indonesian curry or our flavoursome eggplant and okra dish. Lontara’s menu also caters to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free preferences.

For Sunday visitors, you can elevate your culinary experience with Lontara’s Bottomless Sunday Lunch. Embark on a two-hour culinary adventure for $65 per person, which features bottomless dumplings, Asian rolls, curries, and more.

Alternatively, choose Lontara’s $130 option and enjoy all of the above alongside bottomless free-flowing rose, Prosecco, wine and beer.

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2:00 PM | Snorkel amongst Rottnest’s underwater wonders

Don’t forget to explore the island’s snorkelling hideaways and havens on your Rottnest Island trip. As spring approaches, we’re coming up to ideal weather for exploring the island’s underwater wonders. Thanks to the Leeuwin Current, even cooler days offer inviting waters, with temperatures ranging from 19 to 23 degrees celsius.

Some of the top snorkelling spots include:

  • Little Salmon Bay – A great sheltered spot with shallow waters.
  • Parakeet Bay – Discover the hidden beauty beneath the waves and snorkel out to the rocks.
  • Parker Point – A must-see snorkel spot. Be guided by buoys that will lead you to coral, fish, and crays.
  • Henrietta Rocks – Embrace turquoise waters, intriguing rock formations, and snorkel by the submerged shipwreck of The Shark.
  • Little Armstrong Bay – Perfect for families and novice snorkelers, this bay has shallow water that is ideal for leisurely exploration.

You can read some more of our top snorkel spots here.

6:00 PM | Italian-inspired dinner at Isola

End your day with dinner at Isola Bar e Cibo, an Italian-inspired gem set on Rottnest Island. Isola incorporates both locally-sourced fresh ingredients and delicious Italian drinks. Savour the flavours of Isola’s carefully-curated menu and soak in the island’s serene ambience.

Whether it’s a delicious pasta, slow roasted lamb shoulder, or Gamberoni (wood-grilled whole Exmouth prawns), there’s a variety of delicacies to enjoy at Isola Bar e Cibo.

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9:00 PM | Keep the night going or retire to our comfortable accommodation at Samphire Rottnest

If you’re still eager to keep going, continue the journey and explore some of the great drinks spots on Rottnest Island. Enjoy some classic cocktails at Lontara or Isola, or go for something a bit more casual at Hotel Rottnest.

Or if you’re looking to get some rest before another big day, retire to the haven of your room within Samphire Rottnest. Our Rottnest Island accommodation serves for more than just a place to sleep; our rooms are seamless extensions of the island’s raw beauty. Whether you decide to keep going or rest in cosy comfort, your island adventure awaits when the sun rises anew.

Ready to embark on your unforgettable Rottnest Island escape? Book your perfect stay with us today.