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Rottnest island birds eye view

Rottnest Island is a place to relax and unwind. And to really do this, you need to spend a few days here.

As well as exploring the island, hopping from beach to beach, and taking in the expansive ocean views, there are also many exciting things to experience when the sun goes down.

If you’re wondering what to do on Rottnest Island at night, we’ve curated a list of our favourite experiences.

What to do for dinner and drinks


Inspired by South-East Asian flavours, using the best WA produce, Lontara serves up food that perfectly encapsulates what island life is all about. From fresh seafood appetisers like Albany rock oysters, soft shell crab karaage, and snow crab ma hor, or perhaps something bigger, like Padang-style eggplant balado, lamb shoulder rendang curry, or a fresh, crunchy green papaya salad.

Pair your meal with a selection of different gin and tonics, or a glass from their extensive wine menu—it’s the perfect place to spend a warm Rottnest Island evening.

Isola Bar e Cibo

Classic Italian cuisine, a crisp glass of wine in hand, right on the beach—it doesn’t get much better.

Isola Bar e Cibo’s authentic Italian fare is second to none. Featuring food that’s delightful simple yet delectably complex, their menu is designed to reflect the Rottnest Island lifestyle.

Discover mouthwatering antipasto to start your meal. Move on to sumptuous hand-made pasta, from classic rigatoni ragu, to ravioli all’aragosta—soft ravioli filled with western rock lobster in a bisque sauce, it’s a true taste of the island.

Featuring a delectable Italianate drinks menu, you can start the evening with their take on the classic spritz. Sip on a classic cocktail with a distinct twist, or browse the wine list, boasting labels from WA, Italy, and France, that pair perfectly with your meal.

Isola is a truly beautiful way to spend the evening.

Hotel Rottnest

The iconic Hotel Rottnest serves up classic pub food with a Rottnest twist. And after a hot day swimming and exploring the beaches and bays, it’s a joy to settle in with an ice cold beer, or a signature wine or cocktail jug.

As well as top quality pub grub, it’s also a place where you can catch live music, or even flex your thinking muscles and take part in their very own quiz night.

Just a few quick steps from Samphire Rottnest, it’s the perfect place to make a night of it.

What to do on Rottnest at night that’s not eating and drinking

It’s not all eating and drinking. There are some special Rottnest Island experiences that you can;t easily replicate on the mainland.

Watch the sun set over the salt lakes

As the light starts to fade, head out of the main settlement to Vlamingh Lookout. Just a short walk away, or an even quicker ride, head up the small hill and watch as the sun paints the salt lakes in gorgeous fiery colours. It’s a beautiful, reflective way to finish a day on Rottnest Island (and close enough that you can make it out and back in time for any dinner reservations).

Catch a movie

Those who’ve been to Rottnest would have walked past the venue many times. Rottnest Movies is an iconic Rottnest experience, and the perfect place for a family evening outing.

The heritage-listed picture hall features rows of deck chairs, and plays a selection of the latest blockbusters. It’s a more intimate setting, and a much better price than you get on the mainland.

Go quokka spotting

If you’ve spent most of your day out and about and still want to meet some of the island’s natural inhabitants, nighttime is the perfect time to do that.

Quokkas are nocturnal, so they tend to be more active at night, feeding alone or in small groups.

It’s a particularly special experience for young kids—or the young at heart—walking carefully around the pathways with a torch, spying a group of shining eyes in the dark.

But remember, don’t approach them or feed them. Let them be, and just watch them from afar.

Catch squid from the jetty

Squid can be caught any time of day, but the best time is at night. Unlike fishing, squidding doesn’t need any special gear, or even bait. All you need is a handline and a squid jig, which you can get from the General Store.

T Jetty at Thomson Bay is great for catching squid, as they’re attracted by the lights of the jetty.

So if you’re looking for a different experience, spend some time hunting for squid. You’re out near the water, breathing in the fresh salt spray—and you’ll end up with a succulent catch for dinner, fresh from the Indian Ocean.

Take in the stars

Stargazing on Rottnest Island is different to the mainland. Away from the light pollution of the city, the skies are darker, clearer, and the stars are more pronounced.

So take a walk out of the settlement, only ten or so minutes, find a place that’s nice and quiet, and spend some time looking up at the skies. It’s an awe-inspiring sight.

Spend the night at Samphire Rottnest

There are many special experiences you can have on Rottnest Island at night. Whether it’s indulging in some exceptional food, ordering room service, getting up close with the ocean’s slippery inhabitants, or even if you just like a slow, leisurely stroll along the beach.

Whatever you enjoy doing, Samphire Rottnest is here for when you’re ready to retire for the night. Book a room with us, and make your next Rottnest Island trip one that’s truly special.