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Bathurst Lighthouse
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Bathurst Lighthouse

Bury your feet in the sand and come face to face with an integral part of Rottnest Island’s history.

Situated on the northern edge of Rottnest Island, Bathurst Lighthouse was built in 1900 to support Wadjemup Lighthouse. Standing at 20 metres tall, its weathered white brick exterior makes it an iconic image of the island itself.

Located at one of the highest points on Rottnest Island, the lighthouse boasts a breathtaking panorama, including the famous sunsets that paint the sky above Pinky Beach in their warm-hued tones.

Can you walk around Bathurst Lighthouse?

You can walk around the lighthouse on any day, however we recommend sunrise or sunset for those spectacular photo-worthy views.

What’s the history of Bathurst Lighthouse?

With a rich history spanning over 120 years, Bathurst Lighthouse was constructed in 1900, in response to the sinking of the City of York, an iron ship that went down on the western side of the island with the loss of 12 lives. It still operates to this day, and in conjunction with Wadjemup and Fremantle Lighthouses, it creates a navigational triangle to guide skippers safely into Fremantle Port.

Can you go inside Bathurst Lighthouse?

While Bathurst Lighthouse is still operational and essential for maritime safety around the island, it’s not open to visitors.

However, its counterpart on the island, Wadjemup Lighthouse, does offer guided tours. Step inside a real, operational lighthouse and discover its history.

Speak with our friendly staff to book your tour of Wadjemup Lighthouse.

How far away is Bathurst Lighthouse from Samphire Rottnest?

Bathurst Lighthouse is a short, 19-minute walk from Samphire Rottnest, directly along the waterfront.

Just left onto McCallum Avenue, and continue on as it turns into Forrest Avenue, and then Nyi Nyi Bidi. Turn left when you reach Raven Road, then a quick right onto Gem Road.

Turn left onto Mira Flores Road, then walk up the sand dunes, where you’ll be welcomed by the lighthouse appearing over the crest of the hill.

Visit one of Rottnest’s finest views

Bathurst Lighthouse is just a short, leisurely walk away from Samphire Rottnest, and provides you with stunning views across Pinky Beach and the endless Indian Ocean.

Want to know what else to do on your visit to the Lighthouse? Our dedicated team will be happy to share their favourite recommendations for other exciting sights to see and things to do on Rottnest island. Just enquire at the reception desk!

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